Club Champion: Joy Oldfield Award for Senior Players

The Award is named in recognition of the contributions of Joy Oldfield, a foundation member, Life Member, President, Secretary and coach of the Ashwood Netball Club.

This Perpetual Cup is decided on aggregate votes cast by the Coach and one other person each week during the Winter Season at Waverley District Netball Association. It is awarded to the player who scores the highest number of votes playing in a Senior Ashwood team in the two highest - graded Sections in which the Club competes.


Club Champion: Kate Spithill Award for Junior Players

Named for Kate Gray (née Spithill) - Life Member, Member of Team of the 1/4 Century, player, Coach, Umpire, Head Coach, WDNA Representative player and Coach, VNL Coach, National 15/U Schoolgirls’ Coach. This Award is named for Kate Spithill in acknowledgement of her commitment, dedication and outstanding success with the development of young players.


Umpires Award:Sponsored by Cahill Engineering

Named for the Cahill Family; Krys- founding Member-Committee, Life member; Rachel- founding Member (player), Life member; Joanne- Life member, Member Team of the ¼ Century.

This Perpetual Trophy is awarded to a Club Umpire who has achieved significant success in her career and commitment to the Club. A replica is presented the following year.

Outstanding Coach Award

Donated by Tahli Lake (née Shields)- Life Member, Member of Team of the ¼ Century, player, Coach, Umpire, Head Coach 2000 – 2003, WDNA Representative player, Coach and Umpire, WDNA Committee Umpires’ Supervisor, VNL Player, State Representative for Victoria, Queensland and Australia (Indoor Netball), National 21/U Mens’ Coach, Vice President Men’s Netball Australia (AAMNA).

This perpetual Trophy is awarded to a Club Coach who has achieved significant success in fostering the development of players as netballers and in their commitment to the Club. A replica is presented the following year.


Spithill Club Spirit Trophy

This award is named for the Spithill Family; Mary Spithill- Life Member,Coach, Umpire, Team Manager, Registration Secretary; Mandy Holt (Spithill) - player, Coach, Umpire, Committee Member and Kate Gray (Spithill) - Life Member, Member of Team of the Century, player, Coach, Umpire Head Coach, WDNA Representative player and Coach VNL Coach, National 15/U Schoolgirls’ Coach.

This trophy is awarded to players at all levels who have demonstrated consistently excellent commitment to their team in all aspects of Club involvement, at training and on match days. Individual Trophies are presented.


Team Managers’ Award: Carole Bowes Memorial Trophy

The Award is named in recognition of the contributions and commitment to the Club by Carole Bowes who was involved with Ashwood Netball Club for many years, firstly as a parent supporting Jennifer and Nicole, and later as aTeam Manager. She went on to become the Team Managers’ Coordinator for our Senior Teams initiating procedures and systems which continue to support our Team Managers today. This Award was inaugurated in 2001.


Outstanding Clubperson: Eike Shields Award

The Award is named in recognition of the contributions of Eike Shields, a foundation member, Life Member, Member of the Team of the ¼ Century, inaugural Club Legend, Player, President, Head Coach, WDNA past President, Vice President, Umpires Co- ordinator (née Development), Grader, and Coach.

This Perpetual Shield is awarded to a member of the Club who has clearly demonstrated the values of the Club’s Guiding Principles and has made significant contributions to the development of the Club ethos. They have given outstanding service to Ashwood Netball Club in a range of positions such as player, coach, umpire and or official. The recipient has given consistent service to the Club over a significant period of time and been instrumental in its continued success. They represent an excellent role model for all members. A replica Shield is presented in the following year as a memento.


Shae Brown (née née Bolton) Most Determined Award

The Award is named in recognition of the outstanding achievements of former Ashwood player, Shae Brown (née née Bolton). She has displayed athleticism, skill, and commitment but it is her consistent determination to achieve at the highest level of Netball that is a hallmark of her career.

It is awarded to a person displaying similar commitment and consistent determination that leads to outstanding outcomes within our Club.


Life Membership

This Award is considered with the achievements of previous recipients in mind.

Life membership is awarded from time to time to acknowledge long term, outstanding leadership and extensive service to the Club. The recipient’s attitudes and values are reflected in the Guiding Principles. They are regarded as excellent ambassadors for the Club both within the Club and in the wider Netball community. The recipient has served in a number of roles and has made significant contributions to the life and culture of the Club. It is seen as the highest recognition of service to Ashwood Netball Club.


Games Award

This flag is awarded to players in recognition of their service and achievements for the Club having reached the milestone of 100 games for Ashwood Netball Club Teams. This represents approximately 8 seasons of Saturday netball or 6 seasons of Night games. Subsequent flags are awarded for 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400,450 and recently 500 games. These are presented at Spring Presentation.


Outstanding Achievement in Netball

This Award is made from time to time to Club Members who have achieved significant success in Netball outside of the Club’s activities. A Perpetual Trophy and an individual plaque are presented. Previous winners have represented Victoria and Australia in Indoor Netball and played at National League level.


Coaches and Team Managers

All coaches and team managers are acknowledged with a token of the Club’s appreciation and gratitude at the end of each season.

It is traditional that players and their families also recognise the time and effort that Coaches and Team Managers volunteer to the Club and their players in particular by donating towards an end of season gift. This is usually arranged by a player or parent on behalf of the team prior to the end of the season.


Nomination process

Nomination forms will be distributed several times through the appropriate season. The procedure to nominate elligible candidates is as follows:

It is of utmost importance that nominations remain DISCREET AND STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

  • A written submission can be made by full members outlining the candidate’s suitability with evidence or examples and is sent to the Committee for consideration.
  • The nominator may be asked to meet with the Committee to further discuss the nomination.
  • The Committee will then follow up each nomination with its own investigations, assessment and detailed discussion.
  • As has been the practice to date, the full Committee will vote on all awards having given consideration to the information received, the achievements of preceding recipients and the criteria on which the awards were initiated.
  • All unsuccessful nominees will be kept in consideration for future awards.

We hope that you will take the opportunity to become involved in this process in the spirit in which it was intended – to further enhance the beneficial impact of Ashwood Netball Club on its members.