The following policies are specified during the player registration process:

Player and Parent code of conduct

  1. I will conduct myself and endeavour to ensure others in my company conduct themselves in a proper and reasonable manner and in accordance with Netball Australia National Codes of Behaviour.
  2. I agree to be bound by the netball association's and Netball Victoria's constitution, rules and by-laws and to submit myself to the jurisdiction of Netball Victoria's Tribunal, Member Protection Tribunal and any other disciplinary forum connected with netball.
  3. I agree to comply with any reasonable direction of any official connected with netball.
  4. I will be responsible for any damage to property and equipment caused by me/the player and will pay for such damage on demand.
  5. I agree to be bound by Netball Victoria's social networking policy.

Fees and refunds policy

Ashwood Netball Club fees and refunds policy

Team App usage policy

The player, parents, guardians and Committee members hereby agree to the following when using Team App:

  1. We will respect the privacy of all concerned.
  2. We will be courteous in all our postings.
  3. There will be no use of inappropriate language.
  4. There will be no harassment of others.
  5. We will respect copyright laws.
  6. There will be no advertising unless arranged with Ashwood Netball Club officials.
  7. We will not post photos of players unless authorised (further policy details covered under the ‘Media – Photography’ section).
  8. We will not create new apps for Ashwood Netball Club Teams.
  9. If in any doubt we will check with the Ashwood Netball Club officials.
  10. We will adhere to the Team App terms of Service.

Medical policy

  1. I acknowledge that I am aware that there will only be limited times when a person qualified in first aid is present.
  2. I authorise the club, association, league or Netball Victoria to obtain medical treatment for me/the player should there be an emergency where it is not possible or reasonably practical for me to do so and acknowledge that the cost of any ambulance or medical treatment will be my sole responsibility.
  3. Where the player is a junior player I will endeavour to ensure a responsible adult is present at all games, training sessions and other netball activities in which the player is involved.
  4. I will advise if I/the player has medical conditions including allergies and warrant that I/she/he am/is fit to play netball and will notify the club should any new medical information become available.

Media and Photography policy

The following terms may or may not be agreed to during the registration process:

  1. The player’s name, but not address, may be mentioned in any newsletter/news items/website - whether printed or electronic - in reports about games and achievements.
  2. The player may be photographed and any photograph used in any newsletter/news items/website - whether printed or electronic - or for promotion of netball.
  3. Videos may be taken of the player playing or training to be used for family keepsakes by family members of the player’s team mates, or by or for coaching staff to be used for coaching or scouting purposes.